Project Details

PROJECT NAME :  Renovation or Rehabilitation Works of Konia PS, Bhagwanpur STP, Dinapur STP and Five Ghats PSS Package-5, Under JICA Assisted Ganga Action Plan Project (Varanasi)
Project Detail / Brief Description:

Rehabilitation of Ghat pumping stations, Konia MPS & existing STPs at Dinapur and Bhagwanpur

Project Department:

Ganga Pollution Prevention Unit, U.P. Jal Nigam

Associated Yojna Name:

Goals, Objectives and Benefits of Project:

1. Zero discharge of Sewage water in River Ganga and River Varuna
2. Total 1 Lakhs house hold connected to the sewerage line available after this project.
3. Reduction of water generated diseases, generation of fertilizer and treated water for crops
4. Cleanliness driving more pilgrimage and Tourist, for Holy dip in Ganges.
5. Easy to process treated water of Ganges into Drinking water.
6. Reduction in viral and water generated diseases like Japanese encephalitis etc.

 Name Email Contact Designation
S.K. Burman 9450596859

Project Planned Start Date: 05/Jul/2015 Project Planned Completion Date: 31/Jul/2020

Sr. Milestone Description Start Date Planned Completion Date Actual Completion Date Milestone Completion(In %)
1 Renovation of Main Pumping Station
Renovation of MPS at Konia ghat. 07/05/2015 28/02/2018 - 100%
2 Renovation of Sewage Pumping Stations
Renovation of Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) at 5 ghats-
1. Harishchand
2. Mansarovar
3. Trilochan
4. Rajendra Prasad
5. Jalasen
07/05/2015 28/02/2018 - 100%
3 Renovation of Sewage Treatment Plant
TaskDescriptionStart Date End DateStatus
Construction of CCT at Dinapur. Works of CCT has been completed. 15/11/2019 31/07/2020 100%
Renovation of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Bhagwanpur and Dinapur. 07/05/2015 31/07/2020 - 100%

Total Approved Budget (In Lac) A Total Revised Budget (In Lac)B Actual Fund consumed till date (In Lac) C Balance Fund (In Lac) (A+B-C)
1864.17 Lac. 0 Lac. 1782 Lac. 82.17 Lac.