Project Details

PROJECT NAME :  International co-operation and convention center-Rudraksh, near Varanasi.
Project Detail / Brief Description:

International co-operation and convention center-Rudraksh, near Varanasi.
Designed by - Oriental Consultant Company Ltd, and
- Nikken Sekkei
Constructed by Fujita Corporation Tokyo, Japan.
To be maintained and Operated by - Smart City, Varanasi.

Project Department:

Central Public Works Department (CPWD)

Associated Yojna Name:


Goals, Objectives and Benefits of Project:

Project was envisaged in year 2015 during Varanasi visit of Hon'ble Prime Minister of Japan and Hon'be Prime Minister of India.
This project will be done with full collaboration of Government of Japan with JPY 3.4 Billion.
The main purpose of this project is to make an International Standard Convention Center in Varanasi.

 Name Email Contact Designation
ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA 9999798241 Project Head

Project Planned Start Date: 01/Jul/2018 Project Planned Completion Date: 31/Mar/2021

15 Days Task
 Task Name Start Date End Date Percentage(%)
Finishing of Hall Area, Finishing of all corrido 01/02/2021 15/02/2021 50%
i) Internal Painting of Basement- 50% ii) Aluminu 01/01/2021 15/01/2021 50%

Sr. Milestone Description Start Date Planned Completion Date Actual Completion Date Milestone Completion(In %)
1 Physical Progress of work
Physical Progress of work. 01/09/2017 31/03/2021 - 100%
2 Completion of all internal & External Finishing, etc activities
i) Acoustic Ceiling works
ii) Waterproofing works
iii) Gutter & Rudraksha Support Work
Iv) MEP works in the Pump Room.
v) Kota Flooring Works in Ground Floor & first floor
Vi) Roof Sheeting works i
Vii) Window frame fixing works
Viii) Structural Steel
ix) Ramp2 VDF work i
x) Balance brickwork
xi) MEP Works in GF
Xii) External & Internal Plaster Works
01/07/2020 31/03/2021 - 95%

Total Approved Budget (In Lac) A Total Revised Budget (In Lac)B Released Budget(In Lac) Actual Fund consumed till date (In Lac) C Balance Fund (In Lac) (A+B-C)
18600 Lac. 0 Lac. 14000 Lac. 14000 Lac. 4600 Lac.