Project Details

PROJECT NAME :  Construction of Vaidic Vigyan Kendra Second Phase
Project Detail / Brief Description:

Structure for main building has been completed. Flooring and finishing is in progress. Door frame fixing completed. Internal plumbing and sewer completed. Painting and Mandir work is in progress. Tile work and sanitary work is in progress. Terrace water proofing is in progress. Note : 1. Initial delay due to finalization in layout plan and late tree cutting by the BHU authority. 2. Completion date extended due to extra work since one additional is added. 3. Tentative Target Date of Completion : 30.06.2022.

Project Department:

Central Public Works Department (CPWD)

Associated Yojna Name:

Goals, Objectives and Benefits of Project:

 Name Email Contact Designation
ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA 9999798241 Project Head

Project Planned Start Date: 01/Mar/2021 Project Planned Completion Date: 30/Jun/2022

15 Days Task
 Task Name Start Date End Date Percentage(%)
1. Structure completed (G+3) all. 2. Brick work 01/05/2022 15/05/2022 90%
1. Internal painting work 50% will be completed an 16/03/2022 31/03/2022 90%

Sr. Milestone Description Start Date Planned Completion Date Actual Completion Date Milestone Completion(In %)
1 Sixth Milestone
1. Completion of internal , external painting & false ceiling works.
2. Completion of external Development work (road, drainage) etc.
3. Installation of Fan and fittings in all complete.
4. Testing for Fire fighting.
5. External water supply pipe.
15/03/2022 30/06/2022 - 10%

Total Approved Budget (In Lac) A Total Revised Budget (In Lac)B Released Budget(In Lac) Actual Fund consumed till date (In Lac) C Balance Fund (In Lac) (A+B-C)
934 Lac. 0 Lac. 934 Lac. 448.38 Lac. 485.62 Lac.