Project Management System

Varanasi is known to be one of the oldest blooming cities across the world. Inspired by its rich cultural and Historical significance the Government has decided to add another feather to its cap, by stepping up its status to a smart city. The Hon’ble Prime Minister has initiated this project with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The city has been the focus of Historians and culturally inclined population but it all set to become the heart of the country. Varanasi is all set to become a fully-fledged developed city. Its process shall include in its ambit all the infrastructure- Physical, Social, Institutional and Economic. The cities aim to bridge the gaps faced by its citizens thereby providing them immense opportunities for growth and enabling them to exploit their caliber. With an aim to assist the Government with its ambitious project, we have launched our Project Management System.

In view of the innumerous work that has been undertaken to achieve the aim, coordination plays an important role in the arena. We endeavor to provide a unique platform to aid this commendable development that has become the face of today’s India.

Online Issue Management

The Project management System aims to cover every aspect of the undertaken project. For smooth running of any project it is imperative that any issue, if raised is resolved at the earliest. This feature of the PMS aims at exactly that. We have worked to minimize the arduous paperwork and email that only further the delay in its redressal.

All forms of complaint shall be addressed at one platform that will not only be a feasible option to bring to notice all components that maybe malfunctioning, mention delay etc. Online Issue Management firstly is a portal of interaction where the complainants can be the common man, the contracting party, the supplier etc. The complaints or issue will be raised with the concerned authority and the process will be made more efficient as the complainant can via a login id and a docket number can be in direct intimation with the progress of his/her complaint.

The concerned authority shall have to on priority basis confirm to the complainant and also update the information regarding the same as each step is taken. This will ensure greater transparency in the system as any development shall be available for all and the issue resolution less ambiguous.

It will aim to integrate the various issues dealing with its sundry projects and subsequently channel them to the respective departments and oversee the developments made. Each step in the process redressal flowchart shall be updated in accordance with the actual process flow, henceforth reducing the time that is lost whilst transfer of information.

Data Management System

As we shall embark on our journey of progress for the city’s development with full force, we would be handling and receiving a large amount of data during the process. Data shall be generated while undergoing any process, right from information exchange to uploading of files, to data related to issue management systems etc. Furthermore, several other aspects of the project are more likely to add to the amount of data on the web. To especially cater to this kind of pile of information that is relevant and usable in subsequent time, we have come up with Data Management System.

The Data Management System is especially designed to act as the storage hub of all information crossing the Project Management System in any form. The generated or uploaded set of information, in the form of documents etc shall be conveniently be placed where it can be derived for further use. This will enable a swift and effective process flow thereby enhancing the efficiency of the project.

We also, ensure that the safety of the data is handled carefully and loss of data is minimized and a record for all the projects is simultaneously huddled under one roof. The aim is to put all information under one umbrella and disseminate it as per need and requirement of the retriever.

Project Charter

A project Charter is aimed at nullifying the Ad-hoc situation in projects. Any multi-project system management comes with the Herculian task of coordination. Our charters are especially designed to give the user a favourable and added on advantage with regards to this. The charter will be a periodically prepared document that shall be taking into account the progress so far. It shall be a charter for the entire system to channelize their progress. It will be a clear indication of the details of the project and shall maintain a record of the “till-date” project completion status.

The charter will act as a dissemination point as it will divulge information related to the project. It will contain a brief introduction about the project, its allocated budget and details imperative to the project. It will enable the viewer to classify the projects’ undertaking scheme and department and ministry. It serves as a comparison index between the “planned” and “actual” progress of the individual project. This comparative analysis will act as an impetus for streamlining further progress and be time and resource abiding.

Daily Report and 15-day Targets

A daily report is a more comprehensive view of the progress on day to day basis. A daily progress report will help the management break down the project into small short-term achievable goals. This is set to improve the efficiency and effectiveness as the task is relatively short. Also, it shall assist in controlling activities by highlighting the areas for further improvisation. Since the targets are short term, hence assessment is easier and can be further used for concentric improvement thereby enhancing the performance of the entire system. This shall also aid in evaluation of the progress on regular-short intervals.

The concept of this is based on the principle of Management by Objective wherein the overall task is broken down into small achievable targets and management is focused on achieving these small targets. It is an efficacious way of reaching the goal within the stipulated time and simultaneously assessing them for the completion of individual activities.


These shall be a subunit of the entire project and consist of major benchmarks in the course of achieving of the target. Milestones are limited in a project and are an assessment made on the long term. These are the indices that mark the achievement or progress of the project. Whenever a project is undertaken, a timeline is set for its completion and the standards set by setting benchmarks for those timelines. We aim to give these a tangible form so as to realize the major deficit areas, if any. This assessment will help in providing a clearer view of the task in progress. It will be a clear, concise photograph of the current state. This will be instrumental in analysis and be helpful in integrated growth. This concept will help channelize the resources and/or modify the set standards as maybe necessary in certain situation, owing to contingencies. These are major inclusive growth promoting factors as they highlight the areas of focus.


We are on a mission to not only foresee in India’s development but also play a role in the procedure itself.


We visualize ourselves as contributors in India’s sustainable growth and thereby believing in the Integrated Growth Concept.