Project Details

PROJECT NAME :  Trans Varuna House Connecting Chambers Under Amrut Yojna (25782)
Project Detail / Brief Description:

Sewer house connection is proposed in Trans Varuna area of Varanasi under AMRUT program.

Project Department:

Ganga Pollution Prevention Unit, U.P. Jal Nigam

Associated Yojna Name:


Goals, Objectives and Benefits of Project:

1. Zero Overflow of Sewage water in Trans Varuna Area.
2. Prevents Contamination of Underground water, and hence reducing the health hazards.
3. Proper management of Household sewage.
4. Better perception of city civic maintenance among foreign travellers and hence increase in Tourism in Holy city of Varanasi.
5. Reduction in viral and water generated diseases like Japanese encephalitis etc.

 Name Email Contact Designation
S.K. Burman 9450596859
S.K. Burman 9450596859
S.K. Burman 9450596859

Project Planned Start Date: 02/Jan/2017 Project Planned Completion Date: 30/Mar/2022

Key Metrics Current Planned
Number of House holds connected through Main Sewage line in Trans Varuna Area 0 50,000

15 Days Task
 Task Name Start Date End Date Percentage(%)
No Task..

Sr. Milestone Description Start Date Planned Completion Date Actual Completion Date Milestone Completion(In %)
1 Sewer house connections for 25782 Households in Trans Varuna area of Varanasi.
Revise proposal/ variation is approved by SLTC (State Level Technical Committee) held on 24.03.2021. as per revised sanction, revised target is 25782, against them 15694 No houses connection is completed. 01/02/2017 31/12/2021 - 79%

Total Approved Budget (In Lac) A Total Revised Budget (In Lac)B Released Budget(In Lac) Actual Fund consumed till date (In Lac) C Balance Fund (In Lac) (A+B-C)
10709 Lac. 0 Lac. 10709 Lac. 8999 Lac. 1710 Lac.