Project Details

PROJECT NAME :  Urban Revitalization of Road and Junctions Improvement Project in ABD area Phase 2
Project Detail / Brief Description:

Improvement of the overall traffic movement with an aim to reduce congestion and friction in mobility. RCC road work from godowlia to maidagin is completed. Junction Improvement work at Sajan Tiraha is in Progress.

Project Department:

Smart City Varanasi

Associated Yojna Name:

Smart City Mission

Goals, Objectives and Benefits of Project:

1.Total Road length covered 10.5 Km and 8 Junctions.
2.Modification of the junctions with improved geometry.
3.Table top crossing, kerbs as per turning raidus, yellow box junctions and road safety features etc. on the junctions.
4.Pedestrain Pathways along the roads.
5.Demarcation of lanes and Carriage-way.
6.Kerb channel drain, road edge drain connecting with existing storm water infrastructure.
7.Street furniture such as benches, dust-bins etc.
8.Visitor facilities:information kiosk, drinking water kiosks, bio-toilets etc.
9.Other features: bollards, ramps for physically challenged, landscaping features, plantations with tree-guards etc.

 Name Email Contact Designation
Rajesh Kumar Trivedi 8840994640 Construction Manager, PMC-VSCL
Sunil Kumar

Project Planned Start Date: 04/Jul/2018 Project Planned Completion Date: 30/Sep/2022

15 Days Task
 Task Name Start Date End Date Percentage(%)
No Task..

Sr. Milestone Description Start Date Planned Completion Date Actual Completion Date Milestone Completion(In %)
1 Sampling work
Sampling work completed. 01/08/2020 09/08/2020 - 100%
2 CC road from Maidagin to Gowdowlia
WIP 02/01/2021 15/02/2022 - 85%
3 Cobble stone laying Maidagin to Godowlia
WIP 01/03/2021 30/09/2021 - 35%
4 Bituman Road work and KC drain Gowdolia to sonarpura
WIP 01/03/2021 30/09/2021 - 80%
5 Road Marking and traffic feature Gowdolia to sonarpura
work is in progress 01/04/2021 30/09/2021 - 30%
6 Bitumen Road constriction and KC drain from sonarpura to Bhelupur
wip 01/03/2021 30/09/2021 - 90%
7 Road Marking and traffic feature sonarpura to Bhelupur
WIP 01/03/2021 30/09/2021 - 20%
8 Electrial work and Lighting work
work in progress 15/02/2021 25/05/2022 - 10%

Total Approved Budget (In Lac) A Total Revised Budget (In Lac)B Released Budget(In Lac) Actual Fund consumed till date (In Lac) C Balance Fund (In Lac) (A+B-C)
6860 Lac. 0 Lac. 6860 Lac. 163 Lac. 6697 Lac.